Bicycle racing of all kinds has grown in popularity in recent years. There are many types of bicycle races, including BMX, cyclo-cross, mountain bike racing, track racing, cycle speedway, and many more. Bike racing has been recognized as an Olympic sport since 1896, and there are thousands of cyclists who train all year just to compete in the biggest bicycle races.

Many people have decided to start biking because of this growing popularity. They buy all of the equipment, carefully pick their track… and then promptly give up when they find out that it is more difficult than they thought it would be.

But, if these people would just pull themselves through those first couple of rides, they will find that their body will quickly adapt to cycling, and they will soon be able to go further, faster, and actually enjoy the ride. Some people even take some before and after photos to see how they change physically (for the better!) the more and more they ride. You can gets some tips on how to frame these photos so you can see the best possible contract by checking out this photography blog which has some excellent advice on what and what not to do.

The first few rides can be very discouraging. Even if you are pretty fit, and have been running or doing some other form or exercise regularly, biking is just a whole other ballgame. If you have gotten pretty out of shape, and you’ve decided to start biking as a way to lose some weight, you will find that all your years of eating junk food and being inactive will definitely show themselves.

If you find that you are out of breath very quickly and you can’t seem to move your legs after the ride, don’t worry about it. This happens to the majority of people when they first start biking. Hearing stories from others about how fast or far they go on a regular ride can be less than motivational at this beginning stage. You will only feel bad if you compare your grueling, snail paced, 3 mile ride to your neighbor’s breezy 15 mile sprint.

So, it is better not to compare at all. Give yourself some time to build your strength, and don’t expect too much too soon. You will get the hang of it soon enough, and you will look back on your first few attempts and marvel at how far along you have come. Make realistic goals for yourself, and strive to increase your distance and speed over time.

Whether you want to compete professionally, or you’re just seeking to get in better shape, you must start the same way. It is never easy and you will curse the day you decided to take up bicycle riding. But, soon all your hard work will be worth it and you will see improvement in your speed and technique, and in your physical stamina and appearance, as well.

In the beginning it can be excruciatingly painful, and recovery can take a long time. At these times, it is important to remind yourself that the pain won’t last forever. It does get easier, so you should not give up. You have come this far, and you are that much closer to reaching your goals, no matter how you feel at the moment. Endure the first few difficult rides and you will find that, in the end, it was worth it.